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GenomeStream is a cloud-based solution that gets you from the bench to the results of your NGS experiment. We are storing your project data for you and make it very easy to share your project with your colleagues or collaborators.

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We offer sequencing services including library preparation. Send in your samples and get the data delivered directly in GenomeStream.


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Sequencing services

Our prices include two years of data storage for your NGS data and the ability to share projects with collaborators on the GenomeStream platform.

Sequencing typeSpecificationPrice* (including library preparation)
mRNA SeqPaired-End, 10M reads$2392079 NOK**/sample
Eukaryotic mRNA SeqPaired-End, 20M reads$2892519 NOK**/sample
Long non-coding RNA SeqPaired-End, 33M reads$5995219 NOK**/sample
Small RNA SeqSingle-End, 20M reads$5494779 NOK**/sample
ChIP Seq (SE-50)Single-End, 10M reads$2992609 NOK**/sample
ChIP Seq (SE-75)Single-End, 20M reads$3292869 NOK**/sample
ChIP Seq (PE-150)Paired-End, 40M reads$4994349 NOK**/sample
Human Whole Exome Sequencing (50x)Paired-End, 6 GB raw data$4994349 NOK**/sample
Human Whole Exome Sequencing (100x)Paired-End, 12 GB raw data$6996089 NOK**/sample
Whole Genome Bisulphite Sequencing (5-10x)Paired-End, 30 GB raw data$119910439 NOK**/sample
Whole Genome Bisulphite Sequencing (25-30x)Paired-End, 75 GB raw data$229920009 NOK**/sample
Human Whole Genome Sequencing (30x)Paired-End, 90 GB raw data$169914789 NOK**/sample
Human Whole Genome Sequencing (45-50x)Paired-End, 150 GB raw data$279924359 NOK**/sample

* Not inclusive of VAT where applicable
** Customers based in Norway will be charged in NOK

Please ensure your samples adhere to our sequencing requirements.

Bioinformatics & special sequencing services

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